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22/9/09 - Julia completes berthing trials
in Swansea

We are delighted to report that the Julia arrived in Swansea early this morning, and successfully completed her berthing trials. She is now moored up in the inner harbour in Swansea - ahead of a series of Press & PR events - and will sail for Cork on Thursday


The Julia - undergoing successful berthing trials at Swansea Docks on 22nd September 2009!

It’s been nearly three years since a Cork-Swansea ferry docked here - the service has been sadly missed both in South Wales and in the South-West of Ireland.



“There - I told you she’d fit ! <grin>”

Many thanks to Paul Murdoch in Swansea for these photos!


On Friday morning she will arrive in Cork, and will be berthed at Horgan’s Quay, in the centre of the City. Watch out for a series of Open Days and other promotions!
Local Amateur Radio operators will be running a Special Event Station under the call EI2GBW (= Ireland to GB/Wales) on Friday and licensed amateurs worldwide are welcome to make contact - visit (enter EI2GBW into the ‘search’ box) for further details.