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24/9/09 7pm - Julia sets sail from Swansea - destination Cork!
The ship that will be the great new ferry on the route from Swansea to Cork, set sail from the Inner Harbour at Swansea at 7pm - en-route for Cork.

Julia's location as of 8pm 24/9/09She’s currently showing on our live map - as she steams towards Cork.

She is due to arrive in Cork City around 10am on Friday 25/9/09 - where she will berth at Horgan’s Quay in the centre of the City.

As Julia negotiated the sea-lock in Swansea, our contact on-board the ship said ‘She’s beautiful, massive, it’s an emotional moment’.

If you’re around Cork City in the near future - why not drop by and say ‘hello’ to the ship that they’re calling ‘The People’s Ferry’.

Fastnet Line have just announced some exciting new investment opportunities in the new business - see for more information...